Cabo San Lucas, Mexico AKA My Paradise

My hubby and I in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico AKA My Paradise
Cabo is my absolute favorite place in the world!  My husband and I even got married here in April 2015 with our family and friends in attendance.  It holds a special place in my heart not just for the memories we made but for the beauty in the city. Not to mention it’s easy to travel here on the fodmap diet.
People ask me all the time if Cabo is safe and my response is always the same, “It’s safer than the U.S.”  Cabo is Mexico’s baby as it’s a huge tourist spot and safety is their number one concern.  There is only one way in and one way out which makes it easy to monitor and control.
Not only are the beaches gorgeous but the food is out of this world!  It’s super easy to be gluten free and low fodmap diet here as chips and tortillas are made with corn.  Plus all the seafood is so fresh, it’s easy to request no onion or garlic.  I would suggest trying the fish tacos, they are SO mild and delicious…you’ll have no idea it’s fish…trust me!  Oh and guac and chips…every meal…for real.
Must Go Restaurants:
Flora Farms-I still haven’t been here which is tragic but it’s an instagram dream and I’ve heard is a  must do in Cabo.  If you do go, please tell me all about it!  You will want to make a reservation way ahead of time!
The Office-Great restaurant on the beach for lunch or dinner.  I personally LOVE it for dinner as there is live music, beautiful lights and it’s a great atmosphere.  Make sure to make a reservation ahead of time.
Mi Casa-Great atmosphere for dinner and an they have adorable gift shop!
Bahia Hotel-Bar Esquina– I’ve stayed at this hotel multiple times.  It’s such a find as it’s a super cute boutique hotel located in downtown Cabo and is crazy affordable.  If you’re a Bravo nerd like me you’ll appreciate this tid bit, the Vanderpump Rule kids stayed here when they were in Cabo. The restaurant/bar located inside the hotel is super accommodating and a local favorite.
Sur Beach Club– This is my new favorite obsession!  It’s part of Bahia Hotel and available to all guests (and I believe others as well). This beach side lounge has AMAZING service and the food is out of this world.  I’m talking abut some of the best sushi and fish tacos I’ve had in Cabo.  I loved it so much we came three days in a row. #sorrynotsorry
I would love to hear from you what you’re favorite hot spots are in Cabo or if you try out any of these suggestions on your fodmap diet travel! Adios!
Guacamole and chips

Guacamole and chips

Check out my version: Guacamole and chips 

Fish tacos poolside

Fish tacos poolside

Check out my version: Fish Tacos

Dinner at Ediths in Cabo

Dinner at Ediths in Cabo

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