What is the Fodmap diet?

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I hate being that person at a restaurant who has 1,000 questions and substitutions for the waiter just for the hopes of not feeling terrible the next morning.  It has gotten so tough that I have been known to call the restaurant beforehand to make sure they can work with a gluten free, garlic free, dairy free, pain in the butt…. It sounds like a headache having to be so strict with what I eat but at the end of the day feeling SO MUCH better is SO WORTH it!  This is also why cooking at home is so important because I have much more control of what is in my food.

With that being said: what the heck is the Fodmap ((Fermentable Oligo-, Di-, Mono-sacharides and Polyols) carbohydrates) diet?

It really should be called the “I’m starving diet” at first because the first few weeks while I was in the Elimination Phase it was hard to figure out what was safe to eat.  My go-to’s were no longer okay to eat so finding replacements was hard.  Once I was ready for the Challenge Phase I had to slowly reintroduce each category of Fodmaps one at a time to see what I reacted to.  Lucky for me, I reacted to almost everything! :/

Once I realized what I was able to eat safely, I started noticing how much better I was feeling.  The Fodmap diet can seem overwhelming at first but I highly recommend working with a nutritionist who  can help encourage and guide you throughout the process.

Here are a few links that I found helpful:

Please let me know if you have any questions!



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  • Marcie weissman

    Hi Mollie
    I saw your blog because Elina shared it with others on her FB. I am Brian’s mom…Elina’s mom in law!
    My husband david has had stomach issues for years and recently his internist gave him the fod map diet papers and said. You might want to try this! Wow! Sooo overwhelming and very difficult esp for a guy to give up all the food & drinks he loves and totally change his eating habits and going out socially as well.
    Do you have a nutritionist in Houston that helped you do the elimination process and re introduce challenge also? Appreciate any help you might have…I am trying to convince my hubby to try to make the changes and feel better!
    Thank you,
    Marcie Weissman


    Hi Marcie! Thank you so much for reaching out. The Fodmap diet isn’t easy at first but once you get the hang of what you can eat/not eat-it gets a lot easier. If you want to send me an email at I can send you the information. Tell your hubby, it’s hard especially at first but feeling better makes it SO much more worth it! ~Mollie~

  • I just started following you on Instagram and found your website there. I’ve had pretty bad IBS since I was 13-14, which has only become worse since I gave birth in December of 2014. I’ve finally decided to take the plunge and go on the FODMAP diet. Eating healthy is fine with me, what scares me is the start-up cost of buying gluten free and lactose free products. Really excited to start feeling better, though!


    Hi Jennifer, Thank you so much for your post. I have heard of that happening after giving birth and stomach issues becoming even worse. I totally agree with you about the cost of buying gluten free and lactose free products. I primarily stay away from buying those store bought products because 1) they’re expensive 2) high calorie and don’t taste very good. My go-to lactose free & gluten free products would be lactose free milk, GF bread (I order from Breadsrly or buy Udi’s), Oats (use these a ton in baking!), tortilla chips (naturally gluten free), tamari instead of soy sauce, rice, quinoa, GF cheerios. Also I order a bunch of those expensive products at Thrive Market (online health store) or Amazon. Please email me or post any questions! It’s hard but I’ve found having a community makes it so much easier.