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    low FODMAP Interview with Gabriela Gardner, RD

    low fodmap interview with GAbriela Gardner, RD

    I have so much gratitude for being introduced to Dr. Sushovan Guha at Memorial Herman who then introduced me to Gabriela Gardner, RD.  This was the first time in all my years of seeing different gastrologists that I was told my symptoms are real and not just IBS.  I even had one specialist tell me to stop eating all fruits and vegetables.  When I asked him what I should eat he looked at my like I was the crazy one.  Can you believe that?!? Dr. Guha wanted me to work with Gaby on the Fodmap diet to see if my stomach issues would resolve with a change of diet.  Surely enough almost all of my symptoms subsided and I was able to get through a day without the terrible trapped air pain and bloating that I was used to.  Gaby is a wonderful resource to work with as her patience and understanding goes a long way!  Below you will find her contact information, low FODMAP interview and Popsicle recipe. Continue to Recipe