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Chocolate Strawberry Smoothie

Chocolate Strawberry Milkshake

Who doesn’t like a delicious and satisfying smoothie that tastes more like dessert? I know I do!  This is filled with yummy protein and fiber from the nut butter and chia seeds to keep you full longer.  Plus it’s nice to know you can find a FODMAP Smoothie that is safe to consume!  Just try not to drink it too fast to avoid gas pains. :/

I am lactose intolerant but also super sensitive to fillers in non-dairy milk products which I found out the hard way.  I would eat a small bowl of cereal with non-dairy milk and have painful cramps and gas pains.   Thank goodness I was introduced to Malk Organics not so long ago.  This Texas based company (go TEXAS!) was founded when the founder needed a better dairy alternative for herself and her son.  These products are dairy, soy, gluten, GMO and lactose free as well as vegan friendly.  The best part is there are no carrageenans, binders, colors or sweeteners.  Who wants these in their milk anyways?

Funny enough I met the team at a diner in our neighborhood a few months ago and noticed the Malk logo on their sweatshirts.  I went over to introduce myself as well as to thank them for their products.  To me at the end of the day it’s about supporting companies who make clean and wholesome products. It also helps when their products are used to create this yummy FODMAP smoothie :)!

Chocolate Strawberry Smoothie

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Serves: 1




In a blender combine all of the ingredients.


Serve immediately.

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