Seattle Travel Guide

Imagine going from 98 degrees, insane humidity of Houston in July to low 70s with even cooler nights in Seattle. Obviously my husband and I were already in love. My brother and my soon to be sister in law moved to Seattle a little over 2 years ago and I’m embarrassed to say we are just now visiting.  We will make sure to not make this mistake again!


Gas Works Park-constructed originally to manufacture gas from coal but when importing of natural gas became obsolete so did the need for the plant.  In 1975 the plant was open to the public and transformed into a public park.  This is now a perfect spot to have a picnic and overlook beautiful views of the lake which is exactly what we did!

Gas Works Park

Fremont Troll-weird public sculpture in the Fremont neighborhood. It looked more like a lion to me but what do I know!

Fremont Troll

Kerry Park Viewpoint-go for beautiful views of the sunset with the space needle in the background.

Views from Kerry Park

Discovery Park Loop Trail-the largest park in the city.  My brother calls it a trail but I would describe it as more of a hike for us flat city people.  This is a great way to see different terrains of Seattle including water and views of the West Point Lighthouse.

My brother, sis in law & I on the beach

View of the Lighthouse

Pike Market-we came here twice: on a Sunday near closing time and on a  Monday morning. It was night and day how much less crowded it was on the week day. The plethora of gorgeously vibrant flowers were insane but what was more insane were how low the prices were.  I found a gluten free biscuit at Honest Biscuit that was pretty amazing too.

Hubby & I in front of Pike Market Entrance

Brother & sis in law buying flowers in Pike Market

The Gum Wall-Located underneath the Pike Market. It’s pretty disgusting but also weirdly vibrant and beautiful too. I don’t know my exact feelings about this wall…still processing.  Gross fact the wall has recently been cleaned so this is only a few months worth of gum…

Gum Wall

The Gum Wall

Ballard Farmers Market-more of a local farmers market with beautiful produce and of course flowers.

Amazing produce at the market

Festivals: there are SOOO many festivals during the summer.  Just the weekend we were in town there was a lavender, Bite of Seattle and dragon festival. All of these events are free and so fun to just walk around and people watch.


Sis in law & I having a coconut from the Food Festival

Restaurant Recommendations:

Japanesa-holy smokes this happy hour is AMAZING!!!! I know a vegetable roll may not sound exciting but the vegetables were pickled and full of flavor. Everything we had was outstanding, plus the quality is out of this world!


Sushi Happy Hour

Molly Moon’s-everyone raves about this ice cream place and I get it now. The prices are totally reasonable and the flavors are seasonal and so fresh. They also have at least 2-3 dairy free flavors at a time.

Molly Moons

Molly Moon’s Blackberry Sorbet

Portage Bay Cafe-I read this on one of those “must go lists” and it really lived up to the hype. There were a TON of gluten free options and the portions were huge. It was all super fresh. The vegan banana pancakes were AMAZING…

Vegan Banana Pancakes with fruit (OMG!)

P.S. pack good walking shoes…I had no idea I had shins until this trip.

P.P.S. get fitted for walking shoes from Fleet Feet in preparation or as I did…a lesson learned after the fact.

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